Chapter 5: The Numbers 數目字

Mastering the basic numbers is important.

一 yi 1st tone  廣東音
er 4th tone  er4-sound
三 san 1st tone 廣東音
四 si 4th tone si4-sound (upper and lower front teeth touching; force air out between teeth)
五 wu 3rd tone wu3-sound 廣東音
六 liu 4th tone  liu4-sound 廣東音尿
七 qi 1st tone 廣東音
八 ba 1st tone 廣東音
九 jiu 3rd tone jiu3-sound 廣東音趙-酒
十 shi 2nd tone shi2-sound 廣東音

一百 yī baǐ (1st tone, 3rd tone) yi1bai3
一千 yī qiān (1st tone, 1st tone) yi1qian1
一万 yí wàn (2nd tone, 4th tone) yi2wan4
一億 yí yì (2nd tone, 4th tone)  yi2yi4