Chapter 1: Purpose 小手冊目的

Initial purpose of this manual is to record and help myself when I was self learning Mandarin (I am still learning). This quick manual is helpful for adult Cantonese native speakers learning Mandarin as a beginner.

Unlike English native speakers learning Mandarin, Cantonese speakers have a unique set of problems to overcome when learning Mandarin. On the other hand, Cantonese speakers have the benefits of not needing to learn Chinese grammar and Chinese words (with the exception of a few difficult to guess simplified characters, e.g. 卫, 旧, 妇  ).

Sometimes non-Cantonese speaking teachers can be ineffective in teaching native Cantonese students because of the similar yet different pronunciations between the two languages and the unique dialect of Cantonese.

Measure of success

A measure of success (obviously below pure-academic level exams) in learning Mandarin is to be able to speak into Google Voice Typing (Language is set to 香港普通話) and get 80% to 90% correct speech recognition (by your phone) when you speak.